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Decorative Acoustic Panels: Acoustic Comfort

Decorative Acoustic Panels: Acoustic Comfort

Acoustic Comfort is made of alveolar foam rigid panels. Alveolar foam can highly absorb and attenuate acoustic waves. They are covered by a high-­‐quality polyester material and can be fully customized.

On one hand, by using these panels you can decorate with the images, textures, motifs or colours that the space designer might think are most appropriate. On the other hand, they become the perfect solution to cancel any noise from inside the building whenever there are many people inside.

Acoustic Comfort panels can be adapted to any surface. Since they have several fastening systems, they can be used as acoustic cloud or acoustic wall panels. They are completely fire-­‐resistant and biologically inert, which prevents us from any smell or from microorganism accumulation.

When using Acoustic Comfort, you are respecting the acoustic legislation but at the same time you are decorating and designing new spaces!

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