Decorative panels for acoustic attenuation. Acoustic comfort. - Dtech.Events
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Decorative panels for acoustic attenuation. Acoustic comfort.

About This Project

The Acoustic Comfort item is composed of several rigid panels made of alveolar foam to reach a high level of efficiency in the absorption and attenuating of acoustic waves. They are covered by a high-quality polyester material fully personalized.

On one hand, from a decorative point of view, we can say that these panels permit us to cover the faces of any facility with the images, textures, motifs or colors properly considered by the space designer. On the other hand, from a theoretical perspective, they become the perfect solution to be able to carry out with all technical requirements in regard to an acoustic reverberation inside any public facility.

Comfort Acoustic panels are very adaptable because it is possible to use them as clouds as well as wall panels over the most varied supports thanks to the presence of a wide range of fastening systems. They are completely fire-resistant and biologically inert which prevent us from smells of from an accumulation of microorganisms such as mites .

By using Comfort Acoustic, the compliance of legal requirements will become the ideal pretext to undertake a decoration and space creation´s process.